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May 09, 2010



I loved this post

Happy Mothers Day


Re: [Holding Still] Relaxingjackson submitted a comment to Franken-mom

Thank you. I almost didnt publish. I felt pretty exposed.


I'm glad you wrote this. I'm sorry that the first year was so hard. (Is it mostly better, or not really?) And I'm sorry you felt/feel like you can't talk or post about it. That would be pretty isolating, I imagine.


Hi Erin,
I don't know if you remember me, I used to work with you at the Parrish. I think about you a lot, mainly because the quilt you made for my daughter, Maddy, is still much in use and a favorite thing of Maddy's and my little son Liam's. They love the colors and the feel of it. What a wonderful gift!

I had always hoped to keep up with you, and to find out how it was going with your two boys. From your blog it sounds like things are kind of tough...I am sure that is both true and so not true (I write more when I'm having those bad moments!). I would love to see you; perhaps a playdate? My kids are a bit younger than yours (two and a half and nine months), but it may still be fun. Or just say hi and let me know what's up.

Lots of love and kisses...Amanda

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