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September 27, 2009


Hiroyuki Hamada

Yes, they suck. We went through the same thing. I finally took out a microscope attachment to my mac to see what they were and they looked like chiggers on the net. They are very scary at X200. They seem to have huge populations at relatively localized areas (humid area with grass growing?) so if you have business around that particular areas, you get them. I seem to have many around my studio and weeding around the area got me devastated. I thought i got used to semi-country life but I am still learning. I had no idea anything like that existed in my life before this!


Gah! I didn't know we could get them up here! But I thought they were going to be bedbugs- and that's far worse. So at least there's that...


Oh, G-d! I once had a flea infestation in my Bronx apartment...I'm crying, itching and twitching just thinking about it. So many bites on my body, I actually ran fever and swore I had the plague. I have never heard of a chigger, but if they're ANYTHING like fleas...I am so sorry.

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