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November 05, 2008



What a great story. What a great day.
And, ya know, I can just see our president, Barack Obama, sitting in your living room with your sons and having a great discussion with them!
The future looks brighter. :)


The world simply feels happier now than it did a couple of days ago. I have hope that I haven't had in a long time.

Go Lire!


Yeah! Why wasn't Obama at every voting precinct? I bet he would have gathered up even more votes if he was! Heh.

Love the idea of the voting party. Spike was confused about the one vote one person thing as well. "But WHY can't we vote more than once? I don't get it!"


Lire, you insightful little man!
Erin, our trail-a-bike came today. Hopefully, not too late for use this year. I was out by you on Tuesday, in Amaganset...is that near you? We went to the Art Barge for "Professional Development." Two and a half hours each way...not worth it if you ask me. The homes out there are incredibly big and obscenely beautiful. And to think, that most of them are just "summer homes." Ha.
I am glad your boys, and my girls, will have the priviledge to see someone of color in the highest official office. It's like seeing the sun after too many days of rain!


I think my kids would have great conversations with L. EVERY TIME Obama comes on the tv they all scream "aracka bama!" Pure joy.


aw! this is great stuff! i wonder if they will look back at this some day... you could print a book each year!

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