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November 18, 2008



Oh my... Saab story! Ha!

I don't know about the letter from you, but send the one from the boys, including the lightcatcher. My mom taught me oh so long ago that it's our responsibility to give but it's not our responsibility what happens to the gift. I think she's right... Thinking of someone, making something for them and giving it joyfully is a good thing to practice. It's actually kind of a spiritual act, in my experience.

Even if they toss it, the boys (and you) reached out and did your part.

Does that make sense?


I'm sorry you're still hurting over the family madness. MILs are flippin' nuts sometimes, and yours sounds mean too. UGH. I wouldn't write the letter, unless I had a very clear plan for what message I was trying to convey. Does DH have any insight? I would definitely send the boys' stuff though, and ask yourself if writing your own letter is going to even mean anything to her, or make you feel better...
But, the car, oh I mean truck, sounds really good! We too hava a 1994 SUV...welcome to the club. Perhaps one day they can meet and talk about their aching bones or worn out brake pads.
Glad the boys like it, and with the flurries we have been getting lately, I have given up hopes for our trail-a-bike in 2008.
"Rainbow Kids" had an interesting piece on Ethiopian Adoption. I will forward it to you.
Feel good and happy driving.

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