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October 20, 2008



Oh, you can unveil the mystery family. They won't mind.

That SUCKS that you came home to that. Not a great way to top off your first time away from your boys! Your "discussion" with your SIL sounds like the biofeedback cult I told you about. But they didn't wait for your birthday, I guess. I hate those awful family moments. But, on the bright side- I suppose it makes your decision to move that much easier. I shall continue to waft magical Hudson Valley energy your way- it would be so lovely to have you guys up here!


Ugh, what a horrible thing to go through. I hope the end of all this transition finds you in the perfect spot for you family.


That does sound pretty miserable. Glad you've got such squishy, loveable kiddos! Good luck finding the right place for your family.


Unfortunately I know of the pain you speak of. Ugh. You are lucky to have a supportive husband (among your other blessings of course). Family is a very difficult and tangled and often sticky web.
I like how you admitted that you were not "Miss Perfect" (my words)... I have often felt this way too... but wondered why family members won't offer me the same kind respect/break I give them when I see all their faults coming spewing out towards me so visciously (and I've not been nearly as mean hearted as they). The truth is, they have a preconceived decision of who I am and actually spending time with me and listening to me and watching me won't change their minds.
I have found (although not always, because sometimes it's just best to be mad and sad for a bit) that it helps to know that it is their shortcomings that make it impossible for a human to human respectful nice relationship together. That and, FRIENDS that we can actually choose are GREAT!
Oh, can ya tell you struck a cord for me? Sorry to ramble.
Just wanted you to know you are not alone and I understand.


sweetie - my heart aches for you. i know this pain! take the boys - bike to the ocean and throw all your sorrows into the sea!! watching an angry tide swallow your tears will cleanse you - and anyway it is the jewish thing to do! yom kippur? hello??!!

soo - i can't find your email address and want to reconnect - please write to me!!

miss you!



The family..aaah.
Never fun when "the family" ruins what could be a peaceful, quiet existence with all their crap. You know I'm sorry. You know I understand. And, I could not agree more when you say that hugs from your little men make it all better - oh, and your big man too!

Waiting to order the trail-a-bike...as Steven's car just failed NYS inspection - priorities. Found a cute pink one, used and cheap. Thanks for the info.


I am so sorry to hear that you're having family issues. It sounds like a very painful conversation. I'm glad you're back with your boys--they definitely warm our hearts in pictures, so I'm sure it's magnified a million-fold to have them in your arms.

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