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February 25, 2008



I can see how it would be annoying! So cooking was included as something that boys were better at? I would have thought cooking was either gender neutral or that women/girls would sterotypically be thought to be better cooks. Interesting.

Beloved and I serve each other first (if he cooks, he serves me first, if I cook, I serve him first, before the kids). When Beloved is gone, Sparkle REALLY wants to be served first. We do it deliberately (serving each other first), but not with any attention drawn to it at all. It surprised me at first how important Sparkle thought it was. But oh my, those kids see EVERYTHING so it shouldn't have surprised me, I suppose.


Wow, this is such a familiar scene! I don't have any answers, either...it's an ongoing issue in our house. And it makes me more crazy than it should. But now that I think of it in terms of gender, it rings true. And that certainly is what bugs me. If Lily is enjoying a food, Dawit feels strongly that he should have something that he enjoys in the same way. Not the same food, but something that makes him happy. He sincerely, with all his heart believes that if she is enjoying her baked kale with parmesan, he darn well deserves chocolate cake. Ugh.

Would love to learn more about how this notion came about. It's more than brother/sister rivalry.

Great post! Did you know that my mom (Wisconsin Granny) is addicted to your blog?


This is so eye opening. The jealousy/sibling disputes I've read about on a lot of blogs, but not so much the sexism, women/authority thing. It makes sense and as I read it I think, of course, how could I not have thought to expect that. But I never would have if I didn't read it from you.

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