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January 11, 2008



That was an amazing post. And I think it's one of the gifts a parent gets when they adopt an older child - a chance to have a small window into their children's past (even though some of the memories they share must be so hard to hear).

I have a friend who moved from the (former) Soviet Union with her mother when she was three, and she has some amazingly clear memories of her life in Russia. Things that you wouldn't imagine anyone could remember with such detail when she was so young. But her theory is that because there was such a significant, shocking, and clear BEFORE (Russia) and AFTER (Italy, and then the U.S.) - such a change in her every day life - her brain just sort of crystallized some of her earliest memories, and gave her the ability to access them with amazing detail.

I am hoping (but certainly not expecting) for something like this with our daughter. It's one of the things that I really mourn about her adoption - a lack of the Before.

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