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February 03, 2009



I gave you a 'Fabulous Blog' award. Do with it what you will. You are fabulous. Are you wearing that duct tape dress to the Oscars? Tres chic.


Oh lord, Erin. Now you HAVE to move up here. Because I think you're the first grown up I know who admits to watching AI. And we watch it here (well, Spike and I do) religiously. Seriously. The other night, Spike was in the bath, and he called out, "Mom! Mom! Come in here!" I thought he had slipped or something - I came running in - and he says, "Remember that really rocking song that Blake sang? You know, the really upbeat one? I think that if he had picked that song to do his finale with, he really might have won." And it only took me about two seconds to realize that he was talking about AI from TWO SEASONS BACK. Eep.

And yes. Hollywood week is the best part by a mile. And as long as Kara doesn't actually replace Paula - I think she's okay sticking around.

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