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January 06, 2009



I am always so happy when I see that you have written something. It makes my day, every time. Great picture too.


How amazingly special that Habtamu said "I love you" to you. K has only said it to me once (and he looked so surprised that I think it was an accident), although he will tell P without being prompted and will tell J if I ask him to "Say 'I love you' to Daddy". He'll even say it to our parents on the phone if I prompt him. But if I ask him to say 'I love you' to me, he just stares at me. Sometimes he'll smile, but that's it. Still, it's better than when I used to say it and it was like a cue for him to start screaming as loudly and shrilly as he could!

He's incredibly affectionate, always giving hugs and kisses (a good number of them unprompted), but just won't say it to me. It's hard now that I know he CAN say it and does to other people, so I can imagine how incredibly special it must have been for you to hear it for the first time from H.

I hope that the rest of the week is better for you in terms of the lying.

What a great picture!


Aw, out of illness come some sweetness!

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