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December 03, 2008



Yay Habtam! And what a cool (and kind of scary thing...) that he's going to share his lifebook. I hope you'll write about how it goes - I'm very curious to hear how the other kids react.


Hi, isn't wonderful how they just *LOVE* school. My almost 6-yr old is in 1st grade and is so enthusiastic about learning how to spell, write (they're beginning to write in long-hand now...oooh it's so hard MOM!) and counting that it's just so refreshing.

My son is also Ethiopian and I was curious to know whether you've noticed whether Habtam and Lire have trouble pronouncing certain letters or sounds in English. I know they haven't been in the US for long, but I'm trying to figure out whether my son's speech problems are linked to his mother tongue, as I don't know Amharic at all except for a few words I remember here and there.

We live in Italy and so my son has learnt Italian and has problems pronouncing C's and G's, P & B, S & Z, F & V...at times it's like he doesn't hear the difference (no hear loss or hearing problems ascertained). We recently had him tested by a speech therapist and a child neuropsychiatrist and they think it's linked to his knowing Amharic before Italian (he joined our family almost 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 3 1/2), and that maybe in Amharic the sounds don't exist.

Hope H has another YAY! day.

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