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November 04, 2008



Handsome Lire, so big!

I was in a parking lot a few weeks ago and someone with a 1991 blue Geo Prizm was parked a few spaces down. I walked slowly around and around that car; it was so nice to see one in such lovely condition--I had one--it was the first that I bought (almost new) and paid a great deal of my hard-earned income for each month. We sold it to a friend before we moved to Chicago (and lived carlessly) but I just loved that car and still miss it.

Sorry to hear you're without your old friend.


* Very handsome kids.
* Today we wake up with much Hope! :)
* Funny, I miss my very 1st car too, wish I still had it. A 1982 Toyota Celica GT, white, Standard.


Ugh. I guess the $600 rescue of our 1994 Nissan Pathfinder, in order to pass inspection, was a small price to pay.
First cars always hold so much emotional value.

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