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August 04, 2008



My email account decided to delete all the emails in my inbox, and therefore I have been trying to back track which emails I had in there (since I was keeping them all for a reason!) And one of the emails was yours with your address so we could send Lire a little card! Would you mind re-sending it?

Enjoy the rest of summer!


What a great idea! I hope it continues to last and that you and Al continue to get more sleep--what a wonderful bonus to having them play nicely! Unfortunately in our house, K is the one who wakes up first and his cries of "Mama!" are what wake up P. Since K is still in a crib, there's nothing we can do to prevent it. *sigh*

I love the picture of them playing guitar.

Sarah RYAN

found you guys jumping from someone else's blog. Genius idea about mornings-- my oldest two share a room and with one waking far earlier than the other, its a constant wrestling match in the mornings. Sadly, we've fallen back on the evil TV, but yours is a far better solution. Thanks!


I would totally buy their album. Please thank the boys for their letters. They made my day, (I especially enjoyed being called cute). (:

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