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August 13, 2008



Oh my goodness, that is some extreme cuteness!


Oh they are GOOD LOOKING!!!


Best looking ring bearers I have EVER seen!


Oh my gosh! Yes - gorgeous!!!!


They are the most adorable tux-wearing ring bearers ever! (I had to specify, since my kids were ring bearers for my sister's wedding but wore polo shirts and khakis ;-) )

One of my goals for this year was to reduce our family's use of plastic bags. I've got several reusable bags and use them routinely when grocery shopping, and have just started to routinely use them when at Tarjay or other stores. I think we've probably reduced our family's use by 90+% since the beginning of the year, which feels great.


All three of you look fabulous! Did they like getting dressed up? Do they like it when you are dressed up? Dawit makes a real deal about it when I wear a dress, or when Lily has a slightly different hairstyle. Cute.


They are so adorable and handsome! I have trained myself to bring my own bags to the grocery store. I hate seeing plastic bags up in the trees.


Truly -- wow. They look SO handsome!! And that photo of the three of you is just absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way.

I use Baggu bags and love them. Get this -- I'm remembering to bring them with me to the store! That's the hardest part I think, just making them a habit.


Hey, are you still thinking you guys might come up sometime this fall? Let me know - we'd love to have you - and our guest calendar is starting to fill!


Hey Erin,

H & L definately look super handsome! I love H's hair! Wondu would be completely jealous of their cool tuxes. How did those guys like getting dressed up? It's a great photo of all three of you, too.

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