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June 24, 2008



Maybe it's something blowing in the wind. We've had to reintroduce a similar system with our nine year old. He too, seemed more at ease once there were more rigid parameters. Camp sounds like a welcome diversion for all--have fun!


Good luck! I think the transition between school and summer can be difficult for our little ones. Too much space and time all of the sudden. I bet camp will help a lot!


We have a very visual daughter also, who is additionally more secure with firm and distinguishable parameters to follow. I found the chart to work MIRACLES in our house, yes that, and getting them out of the house for a bit to break up the monotany.
Good luck with camp. I was a camp kid/counselor-carry a wet washcloth in a zip lock with several ice-cubes in it, you may find it pirceless!

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