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June 27, 2008



Hey, that bottom is nothing to be ashamed of!

Camp sounds like heaven.

And Spike got his letter from L and LOVED it. A response will be written this weekend. I particularly loved L's portrait of Spike and his questions about whether or not Spike ate meat. Hee.


Great shot! It's interesting how important topics come out of the blue and are discussed non-chalantly at times....when my son asked if his first mother could come live with us because he misses her, he was sitting on the loo in a restaurant (we were celebrating my 10 yrs living in Italy...).

Oh seeing Maia's note above reminds me, please send me your home address so Abe can send a letter/drawings to Habtamu and Lire.

A starts Summer Camp on Monday too and can't wait. He went last year all summer full days and loved it! It was expensive (130€/week) but we have no choice as we both work full-time. They go swimming one morning a week, have a weekly outing, there are music lessons (mostly singing and learning about music), afternoon workshops, etc., as well as a huge park to run around in and play soccer, frisbee, etc. This year a friend who's 3 yr old daughter is also attending asked if we would mind booking him in only half-days till 2 p.m. so A and her daughter could play together in the afternoon. We'll see how it goes with half-days (it also costs us less), I suspect we'll have to go back to full-time cause he really loves running around playing soccer, general mayhem, and he'll also miss out on the afternoon activities linked to the once-a-week outings.

Keep us updated!


I love those glimpses into your life! It's like a crystal ball into my future, I hope :-) Things are really starting to happen on our end, and I'm hopeful that we might even become parents before the end of the year ...

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