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April 14, 2008



Oh, poor Lire and poor you! It sounds heart-breaking, and definitely brings home the point that our kids need extra reassurances, and that will continue for a very long time. You did the exact right things and said exactly what he needed, and I'm sure that went a long way towards easing his fears. I hope you got to indulge in lots of hugs and cuddles the rest of the day, as I'm sure you both needed them.


How sad for little Lire!

My first thought was, "That must have been frightening, but she WAS there..." And then I realized that most kids, even if initially frightened, would be comforted very quickly when they realized that mom was right outside the whole time. It sounds like Lire took a while to settle down. I'm so glad you were there, and he wasn't alone for long. And I'm glad that he still had a good afternoon. It does sound like you handled it well!

Do you think he recovered better than he might have several months ago, or the same? Has he seemed anxious at all since then, or not? (And how about you? Have you recovered? :) )


I've been reading for awhile. I've enjoyed watching you and your children form attachments to each other. I think the above scenerio shows Lire's healthiness...some kids don't cry...crying is a sign that he knew (or hoped?) that someone would hear him and come to him.

Can I add you to my blog role?


Erin, thank you for sharing this.

Do you also read Two Adopt Two? A post that yours called to mind is there at http://2adopt.blogspot.com/2008/04/back-to-haunt-us.html

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