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February 11, 2008



You really do gorgeous work, and clearly your boys are following in your footsteps!


Ooh! So pretty!

I am feeling guilty because I bought pre-made valentine's day cards for Spike's class today (normally we make our own). (I also bought little candy message hearts, and Spike informed me that, unless they were organic, one of the girls in his class couldn't eat them. Oh gosh.). But I can't see finding the time between now and Thursday to get handmade ones done! Next year I'll make up for it by making them with BOTH kids! Heh.

Krissy Poopyhands

Gorgeous! I love it! Your boys are very crafty and you're smart to think of ways to bring them in.

A post is going up at Speckblog today about the difference between Producers and events people.

We are giving Superman valentines, so guess which one I am?

And Maia, at Wallace's school you are not allowed to put names on the valentines, so that they can be sure to distribute to each kid equally, and they have a big sign up saying NO CANDY!

But for heart healthy day they served butter and sugar cookies in the shape of hearts.



I love your quilts and stamped valentines. What fun!

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