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January 27, 2008


fully operational battle station

Wow. Well done! Bravo! I don't think the adults involved could have handled it any better.

Poor H. What a sad thing to be told. This whole growing up thing is hard stuff. Race issues on top of things makes it THAT much more complicated.



It sounds like it turned out as well as such a thing could turn out? I'm sorry that happened.


That is a beautiful story. You did well, your son did well, even the little girl did well -- in that she felt bad and said she was sorry PUBLICALLY.

I wish we were all so able to apologize in front of others.

I hope your son can digest this and let it go -- maybe the fact that you are not darker skinned may even help him with that.

MLK is a hero to me. I remember when he was killed. I was at a 50% (or more AA) school and I am white. I don't remember tension -- just sadness and a lot of crying.

Thanks for sharing this. My wife and I are adopting and we have indicated to our agency that we are open to biracial kids. The agency seemed to jump on that -- we seem to be on an accelerated track just because of it. If the child we adopt is transracial we will have these issues come up. I look to read more of your posts on being a mixed family so please continue!


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