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February 21, 2007



Wow! The quilt sounds amazing. I look forward to the photos.

Sorry to hear about the nasal/ear/sinus difficulties. The "crusting" (as my doctor called it) is a MAJOR bummer!! Good vibes are headed your way.


The quilt does sound amazing, and I'm excited to see the pictures of it.

I hope you hear from CIS soon--it's frustrating to get everything done quickly and then wait. I also hope your ear infection is gone soon and you can get back to feeling much better again.

Brian (dad to 3)

Check the local branch page of the USCIS website. Ours just added an e-mail address to contact them for adoption related info. They should be able to look you up by name, or at the very least, tell you what date they are processing right now.

I know the feeling of waiting for a new I-171H since we experienced it twice (once when we switched to Ethiopia and again when we added Yordie.)

Mrs Figby

I can't wait to see the quilt.

Yay for smelling! I lose my sense of smell every couple of years from colds and cold medicine and it's awful. Nose juju coming your way.


I just bought a box of dried fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth-I'm trying to cut back on cookies. Of course, dried fruit isn't the same and I ended up eating the entire box hoping that somewhere along the way my taste buds would think it was a chocolate chip cookie. Taste buds are hard to fool, so I'm planning a quick trip to the convenient store next door when E wakes up.

I think of you and Beckmann each day in hopes that you'll receive your good news that very day. I can't wait!


Mostly just delurking.
I, too, just returned (too early) to work from a medical leave, and I can honestly say oh DO follow your doctor's advice if you can.
We started meditating with the kiddos recently. Not so easy for a two year old :) but my five year old, while first saying "DO I HAVE TO?" now sees the benefit of it. We missed an evening and I really felt it (and bedtime was rougher). Good luck with it!

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